Security Error Kibana

Hello !

When I enter a dashboard with my user who has a specific role assigned, the following error appears. I can't find what permission would be needed....

[object Object]: security_exception: [security_exception] Reason: unable to authenticate user [user1] for REST request [/index/_field_caps?fields=*&ignore_unavailable=true&allow_no_indices=false]

my role:

thank you in advanced!

You may need to add also view_index_metadata to the indices privileges apart from read.

This is an authentication error, not authorization. It means the credentials provided for user1 is incorrect.

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All the permits that appear in the official documentation were granted, including the one you told me about.

how can this happen?

The index pattern is the union of 2 indices separated by commas and the visualization is what makes the query in which process should the user authenticate? and how can i change the credentials ?

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