Visualize query with nested filter

Hi *,

I have some problems visualize data in timelion with this query:

.es(timefield=createdAt,index=test*,q="installUnique:ad822d4 AND controllerNumber:0 and channel_number.number:00",metric=max:channel_number.demand).label(demand)

The problem is the data structure itself, I can not change this index. And I need to visualize the inner hits of the array channel_number.demand filtered by channel_number.number="00"

  "_index": "test",
  "_type": "ctrls",
  "_id": "5c7473a40c5bc84f",
  "_version": 2,
  "_score": 3.9815443,
  "_source": {
    "__v": 0,
    "channel_number": [
        "_id": "5c7473aa5bc859",
        "act_state": false,
        "demand": 0,
        "number": "00"
       "_id": "5c74bc858",
        "act_state": false,
        "demand": 0,
        "number": "01"
    "controllerNumber": "0",
    "createdAt": "2019-02-25T23:00:52.293Z",
    "installUnique": "768df22f25454",
  "fields": {
    "createdAt": [

How can I unmarshall the channel_number array in order to visualize it correctly in timelion? Do I need to create an index alias or something like that?

hi @Bene

You might want to look into Kibana scripted fields . You can just access these in your Timelion expression like any other field.

Perhaps you could write a script that would extract the value for the right channel (?) YMMV

Hi @thomasneirynck

that was my first idea, do you have any hint for me on how to do that? I have no experience with scripted fields extracting the source document...

this will help to get started.

you can use the doc global to access the document. There's more detailed examples in that doc-post

I tried with scripted field, unfortunately as it is an object inside channel_number array, I can not analyze it (because the scripted field will be string). Is there a possibility to copy the content inside the array to a whole new index and write parent _id into it?

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