Visualizing two Boolean fields with pie chart in Kibana 6.3

I have two fields representing status of a document ( validated, has_errors). A document maybe validated (validated: true) or not(validated: false), and if it is validated (validated: true) it may has error (has_errors: true) or not (has_errors: false). What I am trying to do is to create a pie chart with two levels (Buckets) the first one I am using terms to show whether a document is validated or not and the other level is to show if it has errors of not. The problem is that the legend has only two values (true, false) and the chart has only two colors although I am visualizing 3 cases (validated: true, has error: true) (validated: true, has error: false) (validated: false) Is there any work around to distinguish these two values?

The easiest way I can think of is to use a scripted field. From management -> select index pattern and clicking on the control icon. The new field would be a combination of the other two, with three possible states. Then a terms agg on the new field.

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