Wait for completion option in delete query for es 2.3

Do we have wait for completion option in delete query for es 2.3? I search but found nothing, can anyone confirm and point me to any alternative method of it?

Command I m using

curl --request DELETE "http://localhost:9200//_query" -d '{}'


Did you mean to delete all existing data in all indices?

If so, use the DELETE index API. It will be much much much faster.

no. I meant to delete specific data based on field (routing) from an index. I know delete API wont work here.

I don't even remember if delete by query existed in 2.x. Was that available as a plugin or so?

This version is so old that you should really upgrade to at least 6.8 or 7.6.

yeah David, delete by query is not available in 2.3. Do you know if it is available via plugin? if yes then what will be the setup? please just guide me in simple and precise words.

For now, it can't be upgraded that is the real problem, but soon it will be.

Have a look at https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/plugins/2.3/plugins-delete-by-query.html

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