Want to create an index already present in index management using API

Hi Team,

I am trying to create index which is already present in the index management using API . But I am unable to execute any API . Please Help me with it.

Just to be clear - you have the index settings in Kibana, but there's no underlying index in Elasticsearch?

Why not?

Yes u r right, I tried to execute this Api to create the index pattern but it dosnt work

POST /sscm_logs/_doc
  "type" : "index-pattern",
  "index-pattern" : {
    "title": "sscm_logs",
    "timeFieldName": "@timestamp"

sscm_logs -- is the index name .

If you are sending that to Elasticsearch then yes, it will not work, as that is not the Kibana index that stores the patterns.

What's the output from _cat/indices/sscm*?v in Elasticsearch?

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