Cannot create an index pattern


So I setup ELK on a single server and I try to send telemetry to him,
what I did is create index template and pipeline,

Now, I try to create index pattern, But I cannot create one
all I have from the list is one option "kibana_sample_data_logs"
I use kibana+elastic+logstash 8.2.0


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What is the output from the _cat/indices?v API in Elasticsearch?

hi, the output -
health status index uuid pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
green open .kibana_task_manager_7.12.0_001 JVWMkRczTUmCMVfGx66cMg 1 0 9 18122 1.9mb 1.9mb
green open .apm-custom-link 3BH25yMuSHevhnNBRi3kgQ 1 0 0 0 208b 208b
green open .apm-agent-configuration SawzxwVrQieL052Iddbkuw 1 0 0 0 208b 208b
green open kibana_sample_data_logs iyqC4VyVRIueTTFnjuuh5w 1 0 14074 0 10.2mb 10.2mb
green open .async-search CVbHQCxHSnCg88o_4YSoHA 1 0 0 0 228b 228b
green open .kibana-event-log-7.12.0-000001 UPW2rCvkQ3WiC6lO9nlawA 1 0 3 0 16.4kb 16.4kb
green open .kibana_7.12.0_001 nQM9yw6MSnuVRdh0mU6OXA 1 0 149 60 2.1mb 2.1mb
green open .kibana-event-log-7.12.0-000002 WoigE6IxRhyBY_BjlR8KBg 1 0 2 0 11kb 11kb
green open .tasks k-b46aK2RTuqDWS_9pTa8w 1 0 6 0 34.8kb 34.8kb

Ok, so it doesn't look like your data has been ingested.

So it might be worth starting from the beginning and checking what your ingestion process looks like.

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