Want to set 'measurement.name' as a filter

  1. If you look at the picture attached, I'm trying to visualize the value of "measurement.value" according to "measurement.name" with "up.version". However, I cannot get the value based on the "measurement.name’ from the Y-axis bucket. If you know how to set it up, can you tell me how can I add several filters on Y-axis so we can follow several values from test results?

Attached [Discover veiw] and [Expecting Visualize view]

  1. Connecting the question with the above, I try to print those "measurement.value" on Y-axis using JSON format in the advanced part, but I got this error. I searched ‘[essaggs] > Internal Server Error’ on google, and I think I need some kind of permission to add those JSON inputs maybe? Can you let me know what’s the problem and how can I add those filters to visualization tab.

Hey there,

I am not completely sure if I understand you correctly, but I'll try to help.
Can't you just add a filter to the visualization by using 'Add filter' and listing the values for "measurement.value" just like I did for 'day_of_week'?

As you can see, I already tried that before, but if Y axis's aggregation is 'Max' and Field is 'measurement.value' it shows max value of 'measurement.name' instead each of value. :frowning:

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