WARN Content type detection for rest requests is deprecated

I'm seeing a lot of these warnings in our logs, can anyone tell me what they are, and where they are coming from?

[2017-06-21T09:36:18,650][WARN ][org.elasticsearch.deprecation.rest.RestController] Content type detection for rest requests is deprecated. Specify the content type using the [Content-Type] header.

You need to specify the content type.

How are you inserting documents in elasticsearch?

We're using the PHP vendor v5.2.0

Upgrade. It might be fixed now.

v5.2.0 is the latest release of the vendor..., or do you mean upgrade the cluster?

No I meant update the client.

Why do you mean by PHP Vendor BTW?

I think @polyfractal can help here.
I don't see an issue in the repo related to this.

Hm, the client should be setting the content-type correctly, see here: https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch-php/blob/master/src/Elasticsearch/ClientBuilder.php#L480

@barry1 can you open an issue at the Elasticsearch-PHP github repo with your details? We can work through your problem there

@polyfractal done that:

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