Was the icu_tokenizer renamed?

I'm getting the following error after performing: (I have installed the analyzer-icu plugin under ES 7.6.x)

curl -H "content-type: application/json" -XPUT localhost:9200/icu_sample -d @icu_tokenizer

icu_tokenizer file:

  "settings": {
    "index": {
      "analysis": {
        "analyzer": {
          "my_icu_analyzer": {
            "tokenizer": "icu_tokenizer"


{"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"illegal_argument_exception","reason":"Custom Analyzer [my_icu_analyzer] failed to find tokenizer under name [icu_tokenizer]"}],"type":"illegal_argument_exception","reason":"Custom Analyzer [my_icu_analyzer] failed to find tokenizer under name [icu_tokenizer]"},"status":400}

My apologies -- Another case of RTFM.

I needed to also restart all nodes in the cluster. It's working now. For those who might encounter issues, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Install the ICU Analyzer plugin on every node in the cluster. For my Ubuntu Server, this was the command to do it:

/usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install analysis-icu

  1. Restart the elasticsearch service for every node in the cluster:

systemctl restart elasticsearch

You need to make sure each node has the plug-in installed and that each node is then restarted. Hope this helps someone in the future.

As a side note: If you upgrade your version of Elasticsearch on nodes in the cluster, you will need to REMOVE and then INSTALL the icu-analysis plugin. If you fail to remove and re-install the plug-in after updating your nodes, the nodes will fail to reboot until the plug-in is also updated.

As always, RTFM! :slight_smile:

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