Watcher: alert when new value seen

There's an elastalert feature that I currently depend on, and I'm curious if there's a way to do it with Watcher. Elastalert can alert when a new value has been seen. For instance, it could alert when a new IP address shows up in netflow.src_address. Any ideas on how to do this?



a possible solution to this problem is to search for all documents from now-$YOUR_INTERVAL*2 (eg 5m), so now-10m and then create a filters aggregation and specify two buckets, now-5m and from -5m till -10m. Then have a terms aggregation on the src_address and check the results for differences.

Note, that this only works up until a certain limit due to limiting the number of buckets. You may want to take a look at the composite aggregation to support pagination, but this will not work with watcher.

Hope this helps as a start.


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