Watcher name and watcher indices name


Is it possible to create watchers in a specific watcher name and give access to user only to this watcher indices then only to some specific watcher. watcher user and wtcher admin are too large !

Hey Laurent,

even though you could have a .watches index, configure privileges on those and insert watches into that index, I'd highly recommend against doing that, as you would loose additional checks that control if the watch has the correct structure that are only done in the Put Watch API. What you also cannot have is a watch index per user or group.

I do not think, that there is good solution to your problem right now, as the current security model only differentiates between watcher user/admin but not on a per watch basis.


there is a big gap there, i'm working in a bank and having all user who can see watcher of others is forbidden, we use sms gateway, mattermost also. there is something to do quickly on this users are complaining cause i refuse access to them bacause of that.

can u raise it somewhere ?

goal is to offer complete alerting system, but in a good security context

We have the same requirement fyi. Watches should really be multitenant somehow. Just like reporting..

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