Specific Security Permissions for Index Patterns, Collectors, and Watchers


Just now joining the elastic community, but we have been using it at work for a little while now.

I am currently working on setting up the roles/user for my organization's instance of Kibana. It was requested that I find a way to limit user's access to specific index patterns, collectors, and watchers. As in, specific users can access the watchers/index patterns/collectors that they have created, but they cannot access the ones that a different user has created.

Is this possible in any capacity?

I know that you can limit access to indices, but is there any way to expand that functionality to other things such as watchers/index patterns/collectors?

After perusing the forums for quite some time, it seems that it is not possible to set up specific security limitations on these things. With the way the permissions currently are, it seems that you either have manage or monitor permissions for those features and the manage permission gives you access to everything. I just wanted to make my own quick topic as I couldn't find any thread that was specifically asking for what I was looking for.


Yes Man


right now there access control only allows to be able to add/remove watches in general, but not on a per-user base. The same applies for index template containing index patterns at the moment.

Hope this helps!


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Yes, thank you @spinscale! :smiley:

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