Watcher - Not created return error

Hi guys,

I've configured the elasticsearch.yml and the PUT message in order to test if I can receive some emails but I'm not receiving it and I'm getting the follow message when posting the put:

"_id": "log_error_watch",
"_version": 74,
"_seq_no": 243,
"_primary_term": 11,
"created": false

My message is the following:

"trigger": {
"schedule": {
  "interval": "20h"
"actions": {
"send_email": {
  "email": {
    "to": "",
    "subject": "Testing Email Delivery Alerting",
    "body": "Body content goes here"

the elasticsearch.yml: false
     profile: standard
         auth: false
         starttls.enable: false
         host: smtp-xxxx.xxxx
         port: 25

Am I doing something wrong?

can you paste the output of the Execute Watch API here or in a gist in order to be able to debug things better?

Hi @spinscale,

I could be able to make it work. The problem was that the indew was already been created and I didn't see it, so after dropt and recreate it I was able to see it's working.

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