Watcher still failing to send emails

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The issue which were discussed in the mentioned topic still hasn't resolved.

User (Michael Tarimo) said that it was misconfiguration in the watcher config.
But guys, there are no watcher config in your cloud version. Under cloud Kibana I can only get into the watcher section, to configure the threshold rule and write my email, that's all.
When I push "test fire an e-mail now" I get an error "failed to send e-mail to".

So, what the solution ?
How really to make it work ?

Can you please provide us the watch you are using ? ( of-course leave out the sensitive part ) which version of stack are you using btw ? I will try and reproduce it once you share more information , logs, screenshots ...anything.


Hi, Rashmi

Sure, its easy to reproduce

Cloud stack Version: 6.5.3

In the cloud version of Kibana I create watcher task here "Management > Elasticsearch > Watcher".
Next I fill common data at "Create a new threshold alert"

  • Name = test
  • Indices to query = some indicie

Next I create rule like this

  • "WHEN max() of X1 OVER all documents IS ABOVE 300 FOR THE LAST 5 minutes"

Then, choose the action

And after that you can meet the issue (sure its applicable to any real email here)

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