Watcher template for terms with no data


I would like a watcher alert (released as an email) that identifies vehicles with no data, for example:

vehicles = ["abc", "def", "ghi"] show vehicles with no data in past 7 days.

I could count those that have occurred in the last 3 days, but how can I include my vehicles in the query or as part of the output for the ones that have zero records.

What I had in mind was a html table and a bit of script that could hide if the vehicle was in the ctx.payload or leave showing if no data. Essentially, like an inverse, so:

abc. count 0 - line visible
def. count 1 - line hidden
ghi. count 0 - line visible

There are quite a lot of vehicles, so I don't want to create lots of cloned Watcher alerts.
Watcher 1: name = abc., Watcher 2: name = def., Watcher 3: name = ghi, etc.

As an alternative I wondered if it is possible to loop a very long parameter and include the parameter in the body of the email.

Ideas welcome.

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