Watches Failing-no accounts of type [email] configured

Hi guys,

Recently we've installed the watches into our machine, In which today we are facing the following issue that: Action->Sent_email: ERROR

Below is the error message found in the elasticsearch log file:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: no accounts of type [email] configured. Please set up an account using the [] settings

From the above error, I can understand that the email configuration has not been done on the configuration file (ie. elasticsearch.yml)

Can anyone explain to me how to do that and anything else that needs to be done to send email?

Thanks in advance.

Hi! You can find the documentation on how to set up email accounts for Watcher to use here. That documentation is pretty comprehensive and should give you the information you need to configure this properly.

If you run into problems or find it confusing, please post about it (or contact support)! We're always looking for ways to improve our documentation.

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