We cannot see APM trace sample Timelines

escloud version: 8.7.0

Browser version: Chrome

We cannot see the trace sample timelines in our production development but we can see them in the staging development.
In prod we use spaces and in staging we don't use them.

This is an example of an APM trace sample timeline in staging:

This is an example in prod:

We haven't done any changes lately

Does anybody have a clue about what could be happening? Thanks in advance and let me know if you need more info.


In the APM Service map, we can see that staging shows different resources and in prod, it doesn't show any. I attach the examples.

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 11.47.01


But for example, if I check the Time spent by span type metric in PROD then it shows there are more than only one:


Found the problem!

There was a problem with a runtime field in the apm pipelines that fixed the problem

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