Webhook action, json payload size limit

Are there any size limits to the size of the json payload sent in a webhook (action of a watcher)?

I'm debugging why one of my watchers is failing, and the json validates just fine...it is just as my other watchers, doing the same thing, etc. I've tested the webhook with curl. The only difference is that I happen to notice that the payload of the json being sent in the webhook is over 6000 characters.

Hi @Matt_McGovern! Can you use the Execute Watch API and paste the output here? That will help troubleshoot.

I have to set up a lot to reproduce it now, but the quick answer is that the watcher action failed with a status code of 403, and showed an error message stating "missing authentication token". When attempted from curl, the error was a "json body error". The auth error is a kibana misdirection and quite inaccurate. The json is too large, as smaller json structs work.

@Matt_McGovern If you have hit the limit, you should see a dedicated error message in the Execute Watch API output or in the watcher history. If you believe you are getting the incorrect error message in Kibana, would you mind opening up a Github issue with steps to reproduce and any other relevant information, and we can look into it? Thanks!

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