WebNMS security vulnerability

Is elasticsearch related with ZOHO webNMS ? I recently meet a vulnerability report from es http server port 9200 about webNMS. The vulnerability detail: CVE - CVE-2016-6600 (mitre.org)

My elasticsearch version is 7.6.1. I don't hava any clue about this vulnerability, or may be it's just a wrong report. Any help will be appreciated.

It's possible that webnms integrates with Elasticsearch, but that's not something that we maintain.

@aligege123 I believe what @warkolm said is correct. But if you have any concerns, we have a dedicated channel for security vulnerability related report and I encourage you to use it. Elastic's security reporting guidelines are available at Security issues | Elastic. Per those guidelines, all reports of potential security issues or vulnerabilities should be sent via email to security@elastic.co.

Oh, I see, thanks very much!

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