Weird Uptime Data Visualization

Hello Everyone,

As per the title, I'm having a strange visualization of the Uptime data,

I have Heartbeat monitoring 7 hosts in my house, and the monitor is set to every 30sec.

Now to the weirdness; With the monitor every 30sec, if I set the Date Picker to Last 15 Minutes, I see that every 5th hits, regularly, it shows the bars doubled (14 hits), like it's reading the data twice:

I get to see a consistent data set with Last 750 seconds (with every bars counting 7 hits, correctly):

Before changing to 30sec, I had the Heartbeat ping every 1min and where it now shows the bar doubled, I used to have a "hole" like no data was read.

Either in the Discover tab and in a custom Dashboard I tried to build to prove the data were good, I can see all the entries are pushed correctly every 30 seconds, with no duplicates and I get to see a constant, thus correct, number of hosts (7).

Here's a screenshot of my custom built Dashboard

No in the pic, but the Date Picker here is set to Last 15 Minutes with a Refresh every 60 seconds just like the Default settings for the Uptime App Dashboard.

Is there a way, on my side, to fix this weird behavior?

Thanks in advance! :grin:

Elasticsearch version: 7.12.0
Kibana version: 7.12.0
Heartbeat version: 7.12.0

@GeekyAle Welcome to the Elastic Discuss forum.

The problem you are facing is actually a bug in the query we fixed recently. [Uptime] Update query for ping histogram by shahzad31 · Pull Request #95495 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

It will be shipped with next release 7.12.1.


Great, thank you! :grin:

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