What all files need to be present in Logstash settings folder if custom settings path is specified in startup command line


I am using Logstasg GA 5.0.0. I would like to start 2 Logstash instances with different API http ports in a single machine, so I decided to make a duplicate config folder. Now I have the original config folder and config2 folder. Then I start my instances using;

./logstash -f "../logs1.conf" --config.reload.automatic
./logstash --path.settings="../config2/" -f "../logs2.conf" --config.reload.automatic

I have set different http.ports in logstash.yml file in those two folders. My question is, I have;

  • jvm.options
  • log4j2.properties
  • logstash.yml
  • startup.options

files in my both folders, and should I keep all these files in my duplicate folder also? What all files are required in the folder to specify --path.settings at Logstash startup?

Thank you.

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