What analyzer for network device syslogs


currently we are indexing some UTM syslogs with the default analyzer:
example of log:

time=18:10:48 log_id=20000010 msg_id=000000020218
device_id=FVVM020000043660 vd="root"
timezone="(GMT+9:00)Osaka,Sapporo,Tokyo,Seoul" type=attack
subtype="waf_signature_detection" pri=alert trigger_policy=""
severity_level=Low proto=tcp service=http action=Alert_Deny
policy="POL_Web-02" src= src_port=55645 dst=
dst_port=80 http_method=get http_url="/DoNotDelete/healthcheck.txt"
http_host="www3.arrowgate.com" http_agent="Wget/1.12 (linux-gnu)"
http_session_id=none msg="[Signatures name: Product_sig] [main class
name: Bad Robot]: 110000003" signature_subclass="Bad Robot"
signature_id="110000003" srccountry="United States"
content_switch_name="none" server_pool_name="Web-02_11.22.99.99"


"rawlog": {
"type": "string",
"store": "no",
"index": "analyzed",
"index_options": "offsets",
"doc_values": false

I read that this may not be the most efficient one for this kind of usage.

Is there a more suitable analyser that we should use?


Read where?

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To add to Torsten Engelbrecht's answer, default analyzer might be
part of the culprit. This analyzer will index every form of each word as
a separate token, meaning that a single verb in a language with complex
conjugation can be indexed a dozen times. Also, that degrades the
quality of the search results. The same applies if your documents
contain formatting information (HTML markup ?).