What are the possible values of type in task

As the documentation says,when I execute command
GET _tasks?actions=*search&detailed
return result

"nodes" : {
"oTUltX4IQMOUUVeiohTt8A" : {
"name" : "H5dfFeA",
"transport_address" : "",
"host" : "",
"ip" : "",
"tasks" : {
"oTUltX4IQMOUUVeiohTt8A:464" : {
"node" : "oTUltX4IQMOUUVeiohTt8A",
"id" : 464,
"type" : "transport",
"action" : "indices:data/read/search",
"description" : "indices[test], types[test], search_type[QUERY_THEN_FETCH], source[{"query":...}]",
"start_time_in_millis" : 1483478610008,
"running_time_in_nanos" : 13991383,
"cancellable" : true

how many values of type in result? I currently know that the possible values in type are transport and direct. I want to know what other possible values are and what each value represents.

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I am not sure that we document down to this level. Can you explain a little more why you'd like to know this?

I want to monitor each elasticsearch request, its read and write rate, request status, etc. So I want to make more use of the parameters provided by task management. If you can provide it, I would be very grateful.

Why not use Monitoring for that?

If a request is too long, I need to use the cancel task function.

I plan to use the Monitoring and task functions together. Only the Monitoring function does not meet my needs.

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