What are your thoughts on data virtualization and how does it apply to elastic search?

Ive been looking at data virtualization technologies, is it really possible to use such type of solutions to connect to Elastic using SQL or even to join Elastic data with Splunk, RDBMS and other data solutions without ever moving the data ?

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For the former look at https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/7.1/sql-getting-started.html

For the later, elastic does not have such a thing. You most likely need to enrich data and make joins at index time. You can use logstash for example or other ETL tools or your own code.

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does that mean I can use that sql connector to link into all other data lakes ? I also have and hdfs and was thinking maybe like elastic and hdfs.. any idea how to do that ?

May be. I don't know what are the tools you are thinking about to make those connections between sources.
I meant doing the links at index time not search time.

oh ! yeah I meant search time :slight_smile: but not sure if that's possible :slight_smile: probably scripting would be required :slight_smile:

Scripting in elasticsearch won't support this.

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