What causes "no route host" error while trying to Reindex from a remote cluster?

I'm trying to do a _reindex API request from cluster A to cluster B,
and I noticed some times I an error response that says: "no route host".

this gets solved by restarting my cluster's es client nodes, then re-doing the same _reindex request
works just fine.

the problem is that over time this problem will re-occur and I can't seem to put my finger on why is that happening?

here is an example of how the response looks like:

taskResult={"completed":true,"task":{"node":"jLPiI9xmRsGbiCksj9L4hg","id":3300092,"type":"transport","action":"indices:data/write/reindex","status":{"total":0,"updated":0,"created":0,"deleted":0,"batches":0,"version_conflicts":0,"noops":0,"retries":{"bulk":0,"search":0},"throttled_millis":0,"requests_per_second":-1.0,"throttled_until_millis":0},"description":"reindex from [host=es-32.internal.logz.io port=9200 query={\n  \"match_all\" : {\n    \"boost\" : 1.0\n  }\n}][logz-abc-200630_v89] to [logz-abc-200630_v89]","start_time_in_millis":1593540017276,"running_time_in_nanos":3001171509,"cancellable":true,"headers":{}},"error":{"type":"no_route_to_host_exception","reason":"No route to host"}}, sourceEsConfigId=es-32, sourceIndex=logz-abc-200630_v89, targetEs-34, targetIndex=logz-abc-200630_v89, errorMsg=null

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