What do "total_stopped_time/total_throttled_time/total_auto_throttle“ mean in index merge stats api?

I found these metric are slightly large

  "current": 30,
  "current_docs": 564106582,
  "current_size": "385.7gb",
  "current_size_in_bytes": 414198867561,
  "total": 33588,
  "total_time": "2.9d",
  "total_time_in_millis": 253116884,
  "total_docs": 5155766117,
  "total_size": "3.6tb",
  "total_size_in_bytes": 4043153707134,
  "total_stopped_time": "21.7h",
  "total_stopped_time_in_millis": 78316790,
  "total_throttled_time": "7.9h",
  "total_throttled_time_in_millis": 28771085,
  "total_auto_throttle": "5.9gb",
  "total_auto_throttle_in_bytes": 6432360445

I read the Doc and google it but no one explain what's mean of them.
Could you tell me what do these stats mean?
Does these will slow down indexing speed?

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