What does suggestMode missing mean?


what does the suggestMode missing for the TermSuggester mean?
I get no clue from the documentation.


Let's say you use the term suggester to get suggestions for two terms that a user has typed in a search box:

foo bar

The term suggester will give you a separate set of "did you mean" suggestions for the term foo and for the term bar. With suggest mode missing, you will only get suggestions for a term if that term does not actually occur in your documents.

So, if any of the documents actually contains the term foo (or more specifically, the field that you're deriving the suggestions from) then you will not get any suggestions for foo. And if any of the documents contains the term bar you will not get any suggestions for that term.

The idea is that if a term actually occurs in your documents, then it may not have been misspelled by the user, and then there's no need to provide any "did you mean" suggestions for that term.

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