What does that * in my node means?

I've been trying out working with more than one node and once checked them in DevTools I found this * in one of my nodes. It's a silly thing but I want to avoid any misconception, so what does it mean?




GET /_cat/nodes?v=true

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master , m

(Default) Indicates whether the node is the elected master node. Returned values include * (elected master) and - (not elected master).

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Hello team!

Piggybacking on this to ask something.

I have set up 3 nodes (elastic,elastic-2 and elastic-3) and specified the 3 as "initial master nodes", but each time elastic-2 is * (master).
Is there a parameter I can add or specify to make it so that my first node(the original one) "elastic" is the master one?
I'm using ELK 8.1.3
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