What does the color bar in "Shard Activity" on "Monitoring" page indicate?

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We are using elasticsearch 5.4 with x-pack (basic subscription). I see there are narrow color bars (yellow and red) in each row of "Shard Activity" section on the "Monitoring" page but can't figure out what that means. It does not appears to indicate the health of the index on the row, either. Anyone has any idea?


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Hi Ty,

Are you talking about the colored bars like the green one I have on logstash and the yellow one I have on metricbeat?

If so, those are indicating the status. In my case I'm testing on a single node. My logstash index was created with something like "number_of_shards" : 1 so it can be green since it doesn't have to make any replicas. But my metricbeat doesn't have that setting and fails to make replica shards since I only have one node. So it shows yellow status.

If you're looking at something else, could you please post a screenshot?


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Hi Lee,

Thanks for replying. Unfortunately I was talking about a different thing. Could you take a look at the attachment? You can find a red bar and a few yellow bars in the picture. I wonder what they are for.


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In case anybody finds this in a search, Ty replied back to me with;

I just found out that the bar is red if it is a primary shard that is moving, yellow if it's a replica. I tried to reply to the post but found out it is already closed. So let me just share this with you in case you wonder.

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