What exactly is Elasticsearch?


So here's a few questions that I've had difficultly with but I think I know the answer now:

Does Elasticsearch integrate into Lucene at all?
Does Lucene integrate into Elasticsearch at all?

Does Elasticsearch operate on top of a "stock" version of Lucene?

I have found a lot of information that blurs the relationship between Elasticsearch and Lucene. I would like to confirm my understanding that Elasticsearch uses Lucene at it's core, but does not actually have it's own unique version Lucene that it maintains.


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Elasticsearch indeed uses Lucene at its core, providing a distributed layer and APIs on top of stock Lucene. Lucene is not forked in the version of Lucene that Elasticsearch depends on.


Thanks Jason, that's how I understand it... just didn't know the correct terminology to put it all together!

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You're very welcome.

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