What if "query node" or the "gateway query node" fail in cluster having n nodes?

I have setup where i have 5 node and i want to fetch the data from one single cluster url. As of now what i have read and used is to query multiple nodes with multiple api url's.

use case:

Node1 : Url1
Node2 : Url2
Node3 : Url3
Node4 : Url4
Node5 : Url5

Cluster name : elasticprod

  1. What if the Url1 configured in my application to access elastic hot the node that i.e "query node" or the "gateway query node" goes down?
  2. Is it necessary to use a load balancer for an Elasticsearch cluster?

I can access each of the node with their respective url but do we have single url to connect and fetch data from elasticprod (which is my cluster name).

A client can normally deal with that. You can use an elasticsearch coordinating only node in front if you wish. Or a load balancer.

@David: i don't want to use load balance.
In my case if node url1 on which i am sending my request went down. than my application will not get any response even if the remaining 4 nodes are up and running.

Yes. Your client should know that and switch to the other nodes while marking this one as non working.

@dadoonet So, is there any way to make client aware about node status in elastic cluster without using load balancer. I don't want to made this thing happen from web application to switch the other node if one goes down to get the data.

A client (well it depends on the client I guess) does that normally out of the box.
What did you try so far and what is the problem you are seeing actually?

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