What is APM Latency Threshold Alert?

I'm trying to learn what the Latency Threshold Alert is as shown in this picture for Kibana 8.4

But the rule above never seems to fire at all, even though my node-app-1 service averages latency of 10 seconds, which is much greater than the 1.5s threshold specified in my rule, see image below:

Have I mis-understood how this rule actually works?

Hi @learningelastic

What connector did you use?

Where are you sending the alert to?

Right now i'm not using any connector. I'm just looking at this table here to see when the status will go from Ok to Active

I have a bash script that will ping the Kibana Rest API to capture any mention of Active alerts, which then sends an SMS to my phone. This works well for metric beat alerts and everything. It also worked fine when I use APM Error Threshold alerts. But that's only because I know how to cause those alerts to go from Ok to Active.

I jsut dont' know how to make Latency Threshold Alerts go from Ok to Active.

OK i figured out my answer. My problem was that TYPE == ENVIRONMENT_ALL does not work. TYPE == All also does not work.

I changed TYPE == request as shown in this image, and now I can get the rule to go from Ok to Active. See this image below:

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Good you got it working...

Perhaps You should writes the alerts to the log connector it is free and then your bash script / query could look at that... just a suggestion...then you have a nice index with the alerts in them

You're so far ahead of me! haha yes, that's my intention..to learn each of the connectors next. Just learning one bit at a time.

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