What is the best way of visualizing SonarQube analysis from Elasticsearch using Kibana?

Hi, I'm trying to visualize SonarQube analysis results. However, I couldn't figure out which configurations to follow.

SonarQube version is 7.9

I found this ELK + SonarQube discussion but couldn't manage to do it.

Should I use the internal Elasticsearch in SonarQube? Or an external one?

What did you try so far?
Unless Elasticsearch internal is totally blocked only for SonarQube, you should be able to connect a Kibana to it, no?

Even after I trying to connect with the exact release version of Kibana can't manage to connect internal Elasticsearch.

I think internal Elasticsearch of SonarQube is a complete black-box, can't reachable from outside of SonarQube.

Now I working on creating a workflow which is independent of SonarQube's Elasticsearch for extracting analyzed data from external DB with Logstash + Elasticsearch and then to visualize with Kibana.

I thought it was possible to tell sonarqube to use an external elasticsearch service. It's not?

Anyway did you try to connect to elasticsearch service from another machine or from the same machine.
My guess is that sonarqube only exposes elasticsearch to localhost (default elasticsearch configuration).

I found a clue from the world's oldest SonarQube documentation.

Change the property below in sonar.properties config file to which port you want to reach to internal Elasticsearch.


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