What is the deciding factor for the number of coordinating only node in a cluster and how to route the requests?


I have a requirement to index 100TB of data per month in ES with ILM.

No. dedicated master nodes – 3 nodes.
Total no. of hot nodes - 66 nodes.
Total no. of warm nodes - 216 nodes.
Above calculations are based on understanding from link -

my use case have targets for search response time so according to dedicated-master-node - I should use coordinating only nodes.

My question is -

  1. how many no. of coordinating only node needed and what is the hardware requirements, how do we decide it?

As per my understanding from dedicated-master-node ,we should not use dedicated master nodes to route requests from clients to the other nodes in the cluster and from coordinating-only-node - we should send the bulk indexing request and search request to coordination node.

  1. how do we route requests with my case with N number of data nodes and N number of coordination only nodes?


That's a seriously huge cluster and I would suggest that you instead look to split that up and use CCS to make management a little easier. You should also reach out to us here (or send me a DM and I can make direct intros) and we can put you in contact with some of our solutions architects who can also help you plan this cluster.

Yes. Doubly so for your proposed cluster size.

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