What is the shard recommendation for 3 master nodes, 2 data nodes cluster

Hi Team,

what is the shard recommendation for 3 master nodes, 2 data nodes cluster?
Please advise, how it will impact performance and
if we have 1 shard per index, will it impact resiliency of data.

Thanks in Advance.

What is the use case?

Thanks for response Christian !!

after upgrade from elk4 to 5, I found that default sharding was set to 5.
I found performance issues after upgrade. and I am trying optimize and changed the value to 1 shard in index template.
but I would like to see the impact of using the 1 Shard Vs 5 shards.
Please advise

What is the use case? Are you using time-based indices? How much data do you have?

i am not using time-based events. i am sending data to elastic data node through API
i am sending data 2G per day and creating new index per month.
is sharding depends on the data or number of nodes in cluster? please advise

if we use 1 shard per index, how it is impacting the resiliency of data.
i have 2 data nodes with 1 replica setting, please help

If you have 2 data nodes and have all indices configured to have 1 replica, both data nodes will hold all data. This means you can continue operating even if one of the nodes go down.

sorry!! i am confused with Sharding.
is sharding number impacts resiliency of data?
and how sharding is impacts performance, because i could see lot of performance issues in my cluster after upgrade. please advsie

Even though it was written for Elasticsearch 2.x, Elasticsearch - the Definitive Guide still describes the roles of shards and indices quite well.

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