What is the use of payload?

The documentation describes the plugin "Delimited Payload Token Filter":

What is the use of it?
How can I use it?

I understand that in some way you can raise the price of the term in the string.
"foo|1.0 bar|50.0"
Evaluation after the term may somehow affect the relevance?

No ideas?

It's an advanced feature, and to really use it you need to get into the realm of plugins to use per-term metadata to do something in your application

One example would be to weigh an occurrence of a term differently, another might be to tag the part of speech or type of entity of a term. Is "bob" a person or is "bob" the verb for 'bobbing up and down'

I would google around for "Lucene payloads" to get a rough idea of all their applications

Thanks for the answer!
It turns out that there is a filter, but elasticsearch itself is not able to do anything with a payload and need to write a plugin in which you need to rewrite the similarity for Lucene to take into account the payload?

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