What is this domain? intotheindex.elastic.co

when I search for elastic.co in google, I see intotheindex.elastic.co domain!
I there somebody here that can explain me what is this!?

what is instance id?! who is it for? Can I register in it?!

Hi @exploitiobb Welcome to the community.

It's an old marketing event.
It is no longer active.
Thanks for pointing it out.

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I got courius and I was analysing it as part of your hackerone bugbountu program!
Can I have an account in this web site?!

Probably not I I'm checking internally this is from an event more than a year and a half ago I suspect it will be taken down now that you pointed it out.

This is not a core component or product offering It was a marketing site for a challenge event.

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Hi @exploitiobb,
as @stephenb pointed out already, this was used for an event a long time ago.
I removed what was deployed there and we'll get rid of the DNS name shortly.

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