License server IPs

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I'm part of a concern that runs licensed Elasticsearch instances within sensitive environments, and we have been noticing that our instance tries to call home to an unpredictable range of hostnames and IPs associated with and

Do you have any guidance for the IP range Elastic co intends to use for these license server call homes? Our architectures tend to permit traffic based on IPv4 alone, so this unpredictability can be hazardous to our ops.


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I am checking internally on this for you.

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Our infra team has advised;

It should only be resolving to a single static IP which is for both of those domains.

Can you share the ranges you have been seeing these resolved to so I can pass it on?

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We have indeed seen traffic to and believed it to be the license server traffic.

Thanks for confirming this! We'll pass this on to our customers as we do other notable traffic for our deployments.

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