Elastic On-Premise license buy,contact sales

Hello Elastic Team,

I have a question regarding Elasticsearch on premise licensing,I would like to get in contact
with Sales or any representative who could guide out how licensing works.Currently I'm using
elk 7.9.1 and would like to migrate to latest paid licensed version.We've some questions and
would be interested if I could direct get any Contact details of representatives to understand
This would be for prod,dev and quality instances.
This is for germany location.Kinldly guide whom to reach asap.
Kindly private message for any further details req.


Hi Prashant,

An overview of what's included in each licensing tier is available on our pricing page. But for on-prem pricing chatting about your requirements with sales is the best way to go.

The best way to get in touch with sales representatives to discuss licensing it via the contact sales form on our website.

Best of luck!

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