Getting Licensing

Is there a trick to getting licensing?

Our company has a team dedicated to working with vendors, and they can't get a response over the last 3 months!

We would really like to use some (a lot actually) of the licensed-only features.


Hi @alangano,

Thanks for sharing your issue. It would be great to get some more information from you. Is this for an on-prem install or Elastic Cloud? Can you share how your vendor has reached out? Did they use the dedicated sales form?

They have been using this email, apparently:

I will forward your sale form url to them.

FYI: this is for on-prem

They state that they submitted a request on your sales form this morning.

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Ok, I'll check into the email to see if that's still monitored. But the sales form should get you a response.

Let us know if you don't hear back from sales.

If you can DM me the email address you are using for this request I will chase it up as well.

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