What is this error

I was trying to create a deployment on Elastic Cloud (ES ver 7.7.0).
I toyed with the whitelisting of the IP on the elasticsearch.yml to enable reindexing from the remote Elasticsearch cluster. I applied the changes and it did not work. Firewall issues. That is a different story.

What happened after that was that I started getting warnings.

Deployment health warning
The user settings are inconsistent between your Elasticsearch instances, which can lead to issues with your deployment. Make sure that the user settings for each Elasticsearch instance are consistent to resolve this problem. Go to Edit page

Once on edit page I was greeted with the message:
To access the resource [r:/deployments/hjd978gh78o7834890890567890], the user must have the required authorization.

When I clicked on the details button I got this.

What might have gone wrong? And how to recover from this error? As of now since the cluster was empty I just deleted it and created a fresh one.

Did you raise a request with the support team - https://support.elastic.co

Yeah my mistake. Deleted the deployment since it did not have anything meaningful anyways.
Will do that next time the problem arises.

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