What tool is used for the "guide"

Elastic has great docs with all the previous versions and the ability to edit an article and make a PR, multi-lang support...
( https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elastic-stack-get-started/current/index.html )

anyways, just wondering if anyone knows what too(s) Elastic is using for their online guide/documentation


Hi haroutk,
we are using a mix of tools to create and automate docs. The asciidoctor is one of the main ones. As all the code is open you can browse any of the projects and check how we do it.


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Thanks for the quick reply. other than asciidocotr, what other tools/software are u using?

We use a home grown perl script for managing the process.

We're in the process of migrating from Asciidoc to AsciiDoctor because Asciidoc is no longer maintained. Asciidoc is also about 100x slower.

Either way, we convert the Asciidoc file to docbook and use Docbook to convert the docbook XML file into HTML. This is fairly time consuming because all of the docbook translations are implemented as XSLT. Which is slow. And soul crushing to extend of debug. So, eventually, we'll migrate from docbook to outputting HTML directly.

We use Parcel to wrangle our web resources.

It's pretty much the unix way: lots of little pieces all plugged together.

But we've spent a while customizing Asciidoctor to make it work how we need it to. It is nice to work with.

We looked at Antora and it looked great but it also looked time consuming to get from what we have to using it. Still, it is totally worth looking at.

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