Help a beginner to build the asciidoc docs :-D

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Dear All

I am new to elasticsearch. I want to use the most recent version and I am therefore looking for the most updated version of the "Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide". I have cloned the repo but when I try to build it I get the following error message:

Building HTML from README.asciidoc

Error executing: a2x -v --icons -d book -f chunked -a showcomments=1 -a lang=en -a base_edit_url= -a root_dir=/home/yolen/tools/elastic/docs --xsl-file resources/website_chunked.xsl --asciidoc-opts -fresources/es-asciidoc.conf --destination-dir=/home/yolen/tools/elastic/docs/html_docs --xsltproc-opts --stringparam toc.max.depth '5' --xsltproc-opts --stringparam toc.section.depth '0' --xsltproc-opts --stringparam chunk.section.depth '0' --xsltproc-opts --stringparam 'test build' --xsltproc-opts --stringparam '0' --xsltproc-opts --stringparam '' --xsltproc-opts --stringparam 'Docs/' /home/yolen/tools/elastic/docs/README.asciidoc 

  File "/home/yolen/tools/elastic/docs/resources/asciidoc-8.6.8/a2x", line 76
    print '%s: %s' % (PROG,msg)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Any help on this is greatly appreciated


(Igor Motov) #2

The most recent version is automatically published on

You don't have to build it yourself unless you are planning to contribute into it.

(Jens Madsen) #3

thanks:-) As I said Im a beginner...

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