What value to be used for max_num_segments for Es 7.9 when we do force merge? is it a permanent change or the segment no will go increasing once we start writing to the index again?

I am upgrading ES 1.4.2 to ES 7.9. For that I had to do remote indexing by re-indexing API to get all the data from old cluster to new cluster. But after re-indexning the search query performance of ES 7.9 got decreased a lot. So I am planning to do forcemerge in order to increase the query performance. Which value should I use for max_num_segments if I decide to to forcemerge? there are no guidelines provided. The old cluster have 2 primary shards , one with 18 segments 16 and second with 18 segments. The new cluster after remote indexing has 2 primary shards one with 27 segments and second with 30 segments. Pleased guide me on the value to be used for max_num_segments. Thanks

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