What's a Good Resource to Learn How to Create Custom Panels in Kibana 4.1?

Hi Kibana Experts,

I came across this blog post (http://blog.trifork.com/2014/05/20/advanced-kibana-dashboard/) but was looking forward to a more inclusive and detailed (and probably "official") docs on how to create custom panels and advanced dashboard using Kibana 4.1? I am new to Kibana and would appreciate any help.


We don't have this yet sorry! We're currently working on expanding out this functionality and documentation, so keep your eyes on the blog

Not an official guide to K4 custom panels or plugins, but this Elastic{ON} talk may also prove useful -- goes through Kibana 4 code organization: https://www.elastic.co/elasticon/2015/sf/contributors-guide-to-the-kibana-galaxy

Thanks Tanya for the link!