Whats is the repose code for bulk rejections?

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Hi All,

Based on my node stats below is the bulk rejections

   thread_pool: {
bulk: {
threads: 32,
queue: 0,
active: 0,
rejected: 50033,
largest: 32,
completed: 80744

As far as I understand when there is a bulk reject, then all the documents that are the part of the bulk request would have failed. In that case what would be the response code or response from ES ? How can we differentiate the bulk rejection errors from few docs errors in bulk.

Will it be like normal ES bulk response as shown below for example

"took": 3,
"errors": true,
"items": [
{ "create": {
"_index": "website",
"_type": "blog",
"_id": "123",
"status": 409,
"error": "DocumentAlreadyExistsException
[[website][4] [blog][123]:
document already exists]"
{ "index": {
"_index": "website",
"_type": "blog",
"_id": "123",
"_version": 5,
"status": 200

I am not using any es native clients to perform bulk requests. using regular http libs to make the rest call.

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