What's the correct ILM setup for .monitoring-*-7 indices?

As per title, what's the correct ILM setup for the .monitoring-*-7 indices? By default, they rollover every day and delete after 7 days. However, I need them to delete much faster, because in my small ELK setup, these indices are taking a lot of space and I have to delete them manually. I applied a policy to the templates, but then, the indices threw errors like "index rollover alias is empty or not defined". I tried to follow steps from some other thread, where it was advised to delete all indices except for the "todays", edit settings for these indices and add rollover alias. So I set this to ".monitoring-beats-7" (and for es, logstash and kibana respectively), but then I encountered "index rollover alias does not point to alias".
The documentation doesn't really explain how to do this, can someone please explain?

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