When is the X-Pack UI due out?

I watched Jay Modi's fantastic video on X-Pack and I'm excited to get started. I installed elastic 5.0 alpha 2 and X-Pack, but I do not see the security tab on the settings page.

Is that UI feature not released yet, and if not when is it scheduled to be released?

Heya Chris,

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the video :slight_smile: . The UI was still in development when we did a freeze for alpha 2, so unfortunately it is not released yet. The good news is that you will be able to use it and the other features that were shown in the video in the next pre-release of 5.0 and it shouldn't be a long wait.


FYI, the security UI was included as part of 5.0 Alpha3!

Thanks! Do know of a rough estimate for when we may see an elastic stack 5.0 GA release?

We don't have a specific target date to share, but we are planning additional Alpha releases, which include new features, and one or more Beta releases, which are feature complete. The GA release date could vary a bit, based on the feedback we receive, so please let us know if you find any issues, and join the Pioneer Program!