Where are the canvas stored?

Hello. I am using kibana to create some canvas which will store a couple visualizations. Now this is being done via docker-compose. I would like to know the location inside the container filesystem where the canvas I just created is stored. This to use docker to make sure everyone creating the same container from the yml file has access to the canvas. That is, just by running docker compose this particular canvas is added to kibana-elasticsearch.

Canvas workpads are stored in the Elasticsearch instance along with your actual data in a special .kibana index (it's a so called "saved object"). The recommended way to automate saved object handling is to use the "saved objects API": https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/saved-objects-api.html

Hello Joe, thanks for the quick reply. Is this API being used by the Kibana GUI when you first want to create a workpad and you're given the option to import it from a file? That's what I've been doing, exporting the canvas to a .json file and then when a new instance of kibana is created importing it via the graphic interface:

Looks like the saved objects API does not apply to canvas:

That's a good point @Carlos_Fernando_Palm - I pinged the canvas team to look into the case

Hello Joe. Aaron Nimocks kindly provided the solution for this. The saved objects api does apply to canvas, you just need to use canvas-workpad as the type:

Thank you to all the elastic team members for your help!

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