Where are the configurations for "scripted fields/dashboards/visualisations" stored?

We wanted to centralise the configuration into version control and wanted to move away from updating Kibana directly in PROD environment. As part of it, we needed to have configurations (like scripted fields/dashboards/visualisations) updated using API (rather than manually done via GUI) to have central configuration for all the environments.

  • Is there any good document on where the configurations are stored?
  • Hope they are stored in elasticsearch (and not in Kibana?)
  • How is the configurations fetched into Kibana? if you have multiple Kibana instances, how each of them gets the same configs?
  • Is there a consistent way to do POST update on the config items which are changed in release schedule? Wished these were stored as files

Hi @kelk. These are known as Saved Objects in Kibana and they are stored in a system index in your Elasticsearch cluster. The recommended way to interact with these saved objects is via the Rest API.

thanks @nickpeihl
I had figured out in the hard way :slightly_smiling_face: by loosing and corrupting my development instance. lesson learnt

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Hi @kelk. :scream: thank goodness it was only your development instance!

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